Basis of Unity

Our Basis of Unity presents the core values that our members agree upon, uphold, and support. It gives us the confidence of a common direction and solidarity when working together and debating issues. These shared principles improve our efforts to engage with, develop, and spread ideas and movements that we can all stand behind.

Acknowledging community and diversity- Our movement is made up of diverse students from across the University of Manitoba. It is important that we honour the diversity within our movement and collaborate with fellow members to achieve the common goal of empowering the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) in their fight for fair and free bargaining as a student community. We may have differing views on how to do things, but as members of Students Supporting UMFA, we will strive to reach consensus and work together as a team.

Supporting UMFA- We are a student community with the common goal of showing a unified student front to support UMFA’s fight against the University of Manitoba administration and the Province of Manitoba. As students, we will do our best to educate our colleagues, clear up misconceptions, and act as a unified body to lend support to UMFA’s cause.