Teach-In #1 - Resistance in Native Studies: Then & Now with Dr. Niigaanwewidm Sinclair and Dr. David Parent

Teach-In #2 - Capitalism: Where Is It Taking Us andWhat Can We Do About It? with David Camfield

Teach-In #3 - Strikes as Tool of Political Protest with Dr. Julia Smith

Teach-In #4 - Commemorate This: Resistance and Memory with Dr. Adele Perry

Teach-In #5 - Which Side Are You On? Lessons from the Winnipeg General Strike. With Dr. Sean Carleton

Teach-In #6 - Archives, Rights and Resistance with Greg Bak, Jesse Boiteau, Heather Bidzinski and Scott Price

Teach-In #7 - Part 1: The Neoliberal University with Dr. Julie Guard

Teach-In #8 - Race, Gender, Work, Life with Jocelyn Thorpe